Should Coaching be Mandatory?

My short answer is YES…

  • I only want to ATTRACT people who want to get better (why would you hire someone not interested in mentorship)
  • I only want to RETAIN people who want to get better (you are expected to continue paying them more each year so they should be expected to improve each year)
  • 1:1 coaching has a far greater impact than cookie cutter education for all (have you been more impacted in your life by corporate trainers or mentors?)
  • High performers will love it & get better (they are craving more mentorship & more control over their growth journey)
  • Middle performers will appreciate it & get better (huge ROI if you can move them from B-players to A-players)
  • Low performers will hate it & leave quicker (good)
  • Managers manage… they aren’t trained coaches, they are already stretched too thin & employees won’t confide in them like they will with an external coach
  • Building a performance culture means an obsession over rapid improvement in all areas… including each player on the team actively trying to get better

Do you agree or disagree?

Tom Healy
Tom Healy

Over his professional career, Tom has founded multiple successful companies, published three books, developed online education used on over 100 college campuses, delivered over 1,000 presentations and helped hundreds of organizations get better, faster.