Your employees are having a hard time & you have no idea

Your employees are having a hard time. You have no idea. You are doing nothing to support them. And you expect them to crush their goals.

I can’t believe I have to tell companies this but I blurt it out a few times a week… “you know your employees are people, right?”

I say this because company leaders often think of their employees like robots. “I’ll pay them a decent wage, tell them we are all family, throw a great holiday party and they’ll kill it throughout the year”

They think their employees, especially those under 40, will just shut up and crush it without any support, coaching or mentorship. Yet with their own young adult children they are constantly mentoring them and telling them to find a company that will support their growth. Ironic, huh?

So again, let me state the obvious… employees are people. And people deal with a lot of BS in their lives… I know I sure do.

So without you knowing it, your people are dealing with….

  • Work/Life Balance Challenges
  • Navigating a Tough Breakup
  • Personality Conflicts with Co-Workers
  • Substance Abuse Issues
  • Lack of Personal/Professional Direction
  • Isolation from Working Remotely
  • … and a whole bunch of other crap

These issues are affecting their work. And they won’t magically get better with the passage of time. In fact, they usually get worse if not properly dealt with.

“But Tom, we provide great learning and development to our people” (No you don’t, you push out generalized training videos that aren’t engaging and have no ROI)

How do you support your people to navigate these issues? You provide them with 1:1 mentorship where they can work through their challenges in a safe, confidential environment that is PERSONALIZED and CUSTOMIZED to their unique situation.

You know what providing mentorship to your people costs you? A hell of a lot less than the cost of poor performance, disengagement, turnover and these issues hitting your desk.

Tom Healy
Tom Healy

Over his professional career, Tom has founded multiple successful companies, published three books, developed online education used on over 100 college campuses, delivered over 1,000 presentations and helped hundreds of organizations get better, faster.