Stop using outdated one-way learning & development models

This is Learning & Development for most companies… stick videos in front of their employees & check “L&D” off the list.

You remember those carts that teachers rolled into classrooms… as kids, we knew this was an opportunity to goof off or take a nap. And teachers loved killing time without having to do anything.

As a parent, would you be upset if the only “learning” that took place in your kids classroom was via this method?

Then why is this the way most companies deliver L&D? Yes, they can use fancy terms like “online learning” and “our leaning management system” but let’s call a spade a spade… they are pushing out the TV cart and checking L&D off their list… it’s simply a different delivery method in 2023 with even less impact on the learner.

This method no longer works… younger, talented employees want L&D to be CUSTOMIZED and PERSONALIZED to them. If they wanted generalized L&D they could find millions of hours of it for free online… and it will be better than the stuff their company paid tens of thousands of dollars to “bring in”… after “evaluating” generalized programs for 6 months. So they wasted their time to then waste their employees time… with none of this producing an ROI.

Here is what happens in 2023 when a company “pushes out the TV cart” and makes their employees “watch L&D”:

– They aren’t engaged in the content
– They can’t recall the content 72 hours later
– They feel that you don’t care about their growth
– They feel like they are back in pointless high school classes
– They feel their employer lied to them about the quality of their L&D (because they did)

The solution to all of this is simple… don’t have employees WATCH L&D, have them EXPERIENCE L&D. This is done by creating one-on-one learning experiences where the employee receives CUSTOMIZED and PERSONALIZED learning.

“One to many” L&D doesn’t work unless the only objective is to check the box and move on to the next task.

Companies need to stop wasting time and money on L&D that isn’t personalized and customized… the TV cart needs to stop being pushed out at companies (small and large) across the country immediately.

Tom Healy
Tom Healy

Over his professional career, Tom has founded multiple successful companies, published three books, developed online education used on over 100 college campuses, delivered over 1,000 presentations and helped hundreds of organizations get better, faster.